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My cartoon series, the Exaggeration Diaries, are based on events in my life but exaggerated an awful lot, hence the name. Depicted by my alter ego Nay, he deals with the breakup from his girlfriend by forming a band known as the Samoan Ninja Alchemists.

Despite the funny situations and cute characters, their based on my own testimonies about my life and experiences. In short, the Exaggeration Diaries are my expression designed in a way so that they don't make me sound like a wining bitch.

[All cartoons, comics, characters and likenesses are Copyright 2008-2014 Nathan Wood. Reproduction, Redistribution is prohibited without permission of Nathan Wood. All Rights Reserved.]

Random Favourites

The summer of 2008 was the lowest point in my whole life. I remember vividly my dad rushing me into the car and speeding me to hospital with my wrists pouring out blood. I was released soon after and taken back home. I was due to start University in October so for a good 2 months, it was like purgatory. I was being watched over to make sure I didn't try anything again so I needed to occupy myself with something, anything. So I started drawing.

I was given by a friend at my old college an old copy an out of date copy of Adobe Illustrator. With that and a stack of A4 printer paper, I started drawing funny cartoons to showcase how I was feeling. This was not a new thing, as I have always tried to get across what I've wanted to say in art form. But back then, my art was always kinda angst ridden and though I hate the term, kinda "emo". This time around I was taking a more comical approach. I thought that if I used humour to get my points across, people may listen abit more. I had stacked about maybe 10-15 cartoons I did one after another for several days and I had no real idea what to do with them. I showed them around on Myspace (Facebook wasn't really a thing back then) and got some pretty positive responses but that was it. I stopped drawing when I realised I didn't really have anyone to showcase my work to. Then I found DeviantArt.

I did it because...well why not. I uploaded my comics and never thought I'd hear anything again. But I did, I remember the comment "These are funny, when are you gonna do more?". The rest of that summer was spend during one comic after the other, uploading it and showcasing it through the forums, steadily gaining a fanbase. My early comics were crude at best, the line art was rough and as I've noticed recently, alot of the characters have their eyes too far apart. But people seem to like them, they found them funny which is what you want for a cartoon. I felt like I could achieve something with what I was drawing, probably still can if I actually stop procrastinating.

But the highlight of my time of this site was when I would meet the people of DA, the other users. Back in 2011, DA came to the UK for a big meet and greet. Sadly I couldnt go being in Wales at the time, but I went to the one straight after. While a much smaller affair, I still ended up meeting a cast of fun and insane art lovers. We would meet up through the years, some people I would only see the once and others I would end up being best friends with like my pal Shaun. However one notable person in my life came from these meet ups. It was another meet and greet in London, we walked around alot of the major landmarks and stopped in Namco, a bar/gaming arcade. I saw a Guitar Hero machine and demanded to the group that someone come and play it with me. No one wanted to, except one. A user by the name Mori-the-bat who sadly isnt on DA anymore. With her, we played Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys and became acquaintances. Over the years, and after much hand holding, we are no longer just acquaintances *grin*

Drawing comics on this site became secondary, I soon realised that I have met amazing people who share a passion who I felt like I didnt have to try hard to impress. From here I know that DA will always be the home of me and my artwork. Sure I have comics on other sites but it always comes back here also. I get the best reactions, the best stories, the endearing watchers, everything. But most of all, its not that I am popular, it's that people like what I do. And people liking your work is good medicine for a boy that got rushed to hospital with blood pouring out of his wrists.

Thank you DeviantArt, will have more artwork for you soon

Till next time

Nay :)

TXD: Pull My Finger by UncleWoodstock
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Nathan Wood
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Ahoy, I'm Nathan.

I'm a cartoonist with my own series of cartoons and comics called the Exaggeration Diaries. In short, I'm a relatively nice guy and always up for a chat about randomness

Hope you enjoy my work and at the same time, teach you a lesson or two :)

TXD Stamp

Available here: TXD Stamp by ubergangsjahr

Thoughts about my comics being done traditionally? (with pencil colours most likely) 

15 deviants said Doesnt bother me, just as long as they are funny
13 deviants said I imagine it would look kinda cool
4 deviants said I prefer how they look now


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