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Welcome to The Exaggeration Diaries, my comic series based on diary entries which I greatly exaggerate in picture form, hence the name. All are based on random thoughts I have had to experiences that I had, portrayed by my cast of colourful characters. Whether be how to talk to girls, or working in retail, there's alot of diary entries. So I really hope you get some laughs here and enjoy my true stories, illustratively made up.



[All cartoons, comics, characters and likenesses are Copyright 2008-2014 Nathan Wood. Reproduction, Redistribution is prohibited without permission of Nathan Wood. All Rights Reserved.]

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So my pals Shaun, JJ and myself, wanted to give Let's Playing a go and see what would happen. So if you like LPs and have a spare 30 minutes, enjoy a video of 3 utter twits failing at video games. If you guys like it, we will do more.

My work colleague in his spare time, has a DJing group which want me to design a T-shirt for them to sell at their events. The question is however, what should my fee be? Should I get a percentage of the t-shirt sales, should I be paid upfront just for the design?

Any help or advice would really be appreciated

Thanks :)
Before I begin, I wish to make more journals and other editorials in between the long gaps when I am actually able to get some comic drawing done. It's my way of being active on my pages as much as I can be.

So with that said, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!!!!?

For those that dont know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where many stores sell items with LARGE discount offers. Stores will open up in the early hours of the morning for people wanting these offers to come and get them. To say it is an success is an understatement, people will wait in sometimes freezing cold temperatures for the shutters to open, only to storm the place the moment they do. Crowds go into the hundred and you can find yourself very easy squashed and barely able to make your way around. All you really have to do is Youtube any video to see exactly what I mean. It's chaos.

"But Nay?" you ask, "Black Friday is an American tradition, I thought you lived in the UK". Both are correct, for years now I have watched on at the news stories and phone camera footage of mass crowds fighting over TV and Xboxs. It was sad to see but I would simply roll my eyes thinking that us Brits would never introduce such a vapid ploy for mass consumerism.

...I am obviously an idiot.

Now I'm not gonna start preaching about how consumerism is wrong, I'm the kind of guy that will waste £100 on cds every month. However when people are literally pushing others out of the way to get a non-brand plasma TV for super cheap, it kind of leaves a bad taste in the mouth. So I was NOT happy when not only my store, but nearly every high street in the UK was adopting this new made holiday. I understand the reasoning behind the day it's on, the day after Thanksgiving is still a holiday so it makes sense that people would have the time to go shopping. But here, we don't do Thanksgiving, it's still another work day to us. So seeing people bunk off work for a day just to get these deals is brave at best, and it's just stupid.

So my hopes were not high when I got into work early to prepare the store. We were set, all the offers were in place, as well as the posters and graphics telling everyone what was available to them. I felt optimistic for a brief moment that we would be OK, then I saw the queue outside the door. Now my shop BARELY gets any people waiting outside for the doors to open. It is either some pissed off person wanting a refund or a guy wanting to be the first person to buy a cd from a band only he likes. Today however, there was loads of them. The moment the doors were opened, it was like a pimple being fired into the bathroom mirror....sorry that was kind of gross.

It's bad enough seeing it in videos or even if you went to just spectate as I've heard some people do, but THEN having to serve these hungry sods. All of them armed with all this discounted crap that no one ever even wanted beforehand. An example is from a video I watched from a supermarket where people where wading through the crowd with this heavily discounted LCD TVs. I laughed when I saw the brand name, cause I had no idea who the hell it was. I never heard of them, forget Sony or Panasonic, people were fighting over TVs that they had no idea if they were even any good. And guess what, after I did a Google search, turns out they are awful.

With that said, the day wasn;t even as stressful as I guess it could have been if I had worked anywhere else. We opened at 9am unlike the game store next door to us that opened at 6. Plus we never got any of the truly insane customers, ones that were pushing others over or fighting over a sodding vegetable steamer. The worst it ever really got was one of my colleagues getting called a c*** for checking a customers bag that we suspected of stealing (he wasn't, at least not from us). It still however made me sad that this kind of thing was going on anyway. No one wants to be crammed into a shop at insane times in the morning to go shopping. And that leads me to my biggest point...


Like I said, the story next door to us opened at 6am but that was nothing. Some places were open from midnight onward. I know why these stores do it and I can't be too angry at them cause it works. People flock to these stores in lure of cheap offers, it's genius more then it is evil. But on a more individual level, who really wants to wake up so early to go shopping? I can at least understand digital online shopping cause at least then you are in the comfort of your own home, regardless of what time it was. But in the cold, on your feet, pushed, shoved, cranky and probably desperate for a piss too? Why? I think the one thing that made me sad in the shop today was a mum and her infant son who was not enjoying the shopping in the slightest. I heard the words from the mum "Only a few more stores then we can go back home and you can go to bed."

For that reason alone, Black Friday can go and do one. I will take a leaf out of my manager's book, and book a day off instead. Wise man.

Thank you for hearing my rant

Till next time

Nay :)
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So my pals Shaun, JJ and myself, wanted to give Let's Playing a go and see what would happen. So if you like LPs and have a spare 30 minutes, enjoy a video of 3 utter twits failing at video games. If you guys like it, we will do more.


Nathan Wood
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Ahoy, I'm Nathan.

I'm a cartoonist with my own series of cartoons and comics called the Exaggeration Diaries. In short, I'm a relatively nice guy and always up for a chat about randomness

Hope you enjoy my work and at the same time, teach you a lesson or two :)

TXD Stamp

Available here: TXD Stamp by ubergangsjahr

Do you use DA's new Watch Feed layout? 

16 deviants said No
6 deviants said Their what?
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